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Misc. Amp Demo Clips
Bogner Amps - mp3
Bogner Amps - mp3
Bogner Amps - mp3
Bogner Amps - mp3
Bogner Amps - mp3

Bronx Amps - mp3

Orange Amps - mp3
Orange Amps - mp3
Orange Amps - mp3
Orange Amps - mp3
Heavy Clip 1 - mp3
Heavy Clip 1 with solo - mp3

Extra Special Unreleased
Bonus Track - mp3
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Solo Albums
(mp3's are excerpts)
Never Look Back
Remember When mp3
Never Look Back mp3
Full Tank mp3
Jay Walkin' mp3
Deliverance mp3
The Shakes mp3
Before The Storm mp3
Funk 49 mp3
Jitter Blast  mp3
Frazin' mp3
Last Train Out mp3
Elvis Talking mp3
The Scratch mp3
Friday's Walk mp3
A Little More Cream, Please mp3
Girth mp3
Cat's Squirrel mp3
A Lighter Shade Of Plaid mp3
L.A. Vignette mp3
Exit 21 mp3
Tommy Gun mp3
Hair Pick
Stinky Kitty mp3
King For A Day mp3
Fat Padding mp3
Rabbit Soup mp3
Pretty People mp3
Far From Home mp3
Bouree mp3
My Generation mp3
Feedin' The Box mp3
Chewing On Crayons mp3
Transmission OK

The Reason Why  mp3
Wishing For More  mp3
Swimming  mp3
Rocketship  mp3
Fiberglass  mp3
That Kind of Girl  mp3
Low  mp3

This project served as a platform to explore and refine production techniques and song writing skills, as well as an opportunity to step out from under the shadow of "guitar hero" and take the reigns as lead vocalist and front man. "Transmission OK" was signed to Beyond records (Distr. thru BMG records) which had such notable acts as "Blondie" and "Motley Crue." With its use of vintage equipment and Avant Guarde recording techniques, "Transmission OK" proved to be the springboard for future productions to come.

Blues demonstrates HiWatt Amps
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