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Sustainer with Booster High Position
Sustainer with Booster Low position
Sustainer only
The Bully Bop

Thought I'd give you a heads up about my latest pedal that may interest you. It's called the " Tone Bully ". It's 2 pedals in one.

The first one is actually a treble booster like the Germanium Boy but with only 2 frequency selections, high and low and a gain knob. The second one is a sustainer with fuzz and volume. The first one can be used individually from the other and the second one can be individually from the booster.

What makes this pedal special is that you can use both the booster and the sustainer simultaniously. It then creates this super wide sound that will exceed any sound that you have ever heard from a single pedal. It is just not louder, but so fat without being choked and keeps all the characteristics that you would expect from a very accurate unit. This is similar to the sound of well known artists that believe in using more then one sustain effect at once but all wrapped up in one unit. Of course you can change the whole width of the sound by selecting the either High or Low position on the booster.

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