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Lindsay Price
Some of you may recognize Lindsay Price from NBC's hit show "Lipstick Jungle" (Co - starring Brooke Shields). Lindsay also appeared on CSI, Beverly Hills 90210, Las Vegas and Pepper Dennis (Co - starring Rebecca Romijn). Lindsay puts forth an amazing debut album with such influences such as "Portishead," "Mazzy Star" & "Air." Her strong vocal performances draws inspiration from great jazz vocalists such as "Sarah Vaughn" and "Billy Holiday"......

Melting (mp3)
Blossoming (mp3)
Forever long friend (mp3)
Breakin' my Heart (mp3)
State Of Emergency (mp3)

"Slank" is Indonesia's premiere selling rock act. With over fifteen records to their credit and countless stadium tours to solidify their "Iconic" status worldwide, Slank decided to travel to the US to record their first official English speaking record. Recorded and mixed in just twenty-two days, this album captures all of the musical chemistry, raw energy and refined songwriting that only a band of this caliber and experience could execute.

Drug me Up (mp3)
Devil In You (mp3)
Since You've been Gone (mp3)
I Miss U (mp3)

Scott Caan / Dallas 362
Just composed. Introduced 2 songs for Scott Cann (Ocean 11, Ocean 12) in movie DALLAS 362 which Caan has written and directed.

The Long Goodbye (mp3)

Anthony Michael Hall
Who stars in USA " Deadzone ", provides lead vocal on the classic song " Hallelujah"

Hallelujah (mp3)

Eric Balfour / Fredalba
You may recognize Eric Balfour from such shows as "Six Feet Under", "24" and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". "FREDALBA" a Los Angeles based band founded by Balfour which such varied influences as "Prince", "Sly Stone" & "OzoMatli". Their blend of hip shaking latin rythm, bass heavy HipHop beats and streetwise rock rythm, and funky soul grooves are all captured on their debut album ( Uptown Music for Downtown Kids ) produced by Blues Saraceno who also shared songwriting credits on 3 of the songs

Gimme More(mp3)
Funk Exploration #3 (mp3)
Shine (mp3)