Ball Buster Video
Ball Buster Soundclip
Due the fact that it's a booster, we gave you a tune with the Ball Buster on all guitars..
The Ballbuster Song

In short - The absolute perfect booster pedal for the front end of your vintage mid-gain amps such as  Plexi Marshall, Orange, Hiwatt or Vox.

The new "Ball Buster" is the latest offering from Dirty Boy Pedals... It was conceived to be used to drive the front end of your old "one trick pony" amp and give you a whole new array of amazing and usable guitar tones.

GAIN KNOB - When the pedal is first engaged you'll notice an instant 10db (approx.) of clean pure boost ... as the knob is turned clockwise the pedal starts to explode with gain and natural compression... When fully clockwise you'll find yourself in Fuzz territory.

TREBLE/BASS KNOBS - Both perfectly voiced for guitar. The TREBLE can go from that perfectly transparent sheen to that old British cut with a simple twist of the knob, always rich and solid without that paper thin brittle high end thing that most pedals have. When the BASS knob is counter clockwise it is flat... As you turn it clockwise you'll hear your signal get rich and lush in a matter of seconds. It has been voiced so that you only get the usable bass frequencies that actually make your guitar signal fatter... Not that typical woofy, flubby thing that just makes your guitar harder to play... Both of these knobs used in conjunction w/the H-M-L switch is where the fun begins...

H-M-L SWITCH - The H-M-L switch does for your guitar signal much like what a mastering engineer does for your CD (In order to make your CD tracks as loud and as punchy as possible, many mastering engineers will often get rid or "shave" unusable low end frequencies that just cloud up the mix and eat up the energy of the track...getting rid of the unusable bass frequencies will actually give you more bottom end) The H-M-L switch allows you to shave or get rid of those unwanted unusable bass frequencies that just make your sound muddy, tubby and hard to play. Once you have gotten rid of those unusable bass frequencies, use the Bass knob to add in the right amount of usable bass frequencies to help get that super-rich lush bottom end that is perfect for both the fattest of leads as well as keeping that "tight low end chord thing" going on for Rhythm. Just plug the Ball Buster into the bass channel of an old plexi and you'll understand what I'm talkin' about.

The Ball Buster is also true bypass so as to not alter your "bypassed signal" and can be used with a 9vdc power supply if desired.

We have finally posted a soundclip for the Ballbuster. I have decided to make it a song rather then individual position sound clips. This song really rocks and is a great representation of what the pedal does. For some reason, this pedal has been super popular with major guitars players that are playing large venues like Colisseums and Madison Square Garden. Once you hear the clips you will understand why...

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